Every Wednesday at 6:30pm, a group of believers gather in the HBC sanctuary to lift up their voices in prayer for those in need of the Lord's intercession.

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Every year skilled artisans donate their time to craft a thousand handmade and unique soup bowls. 

These bowls are sold at the Helping Hands "Empty Bowls Project" event.

For $25 you pick your bowl and have a chance to taste signature soups from 20 of our local restaurants.

​A great event and a good cause. Please try to make it.

We love the bowls we got last year and this is now an annual event for our family.

You are invited to come join our

Wednesday evening prayer group

The prayers offered to the Lord are for help and healing for everyone from close friends and family to missionaries around the world to countries and world leaders needing the touch of God's hand.
Please come add your voice to these appeals for healing. Henly Baptist Church has a powerful prayer group and believe in the power of prayer for healing and help.

A Special Thanks and God Bless You 

goes out to Mike Montz and his company SuperWire for the generous donation of Internet access to our church.  He provided the hardware, labor and monthly access free of charge

Why does Henly Baptist need Internet access? Think of the possibilities...
♦  Access to reference and research materials on line for our Bible study teachers
♦  Access to streaming video for messages from other sources that we'd like to share
♦  The possibility in the future of streaming the service for the benefit of those who can't attend church.

Mike says if you'd like a free survey of your site to see if you can receive internet from his company,
Call him at 512-644-3707 or go to www.superwire.us and click on the button that says
"Click Here For Free Site Survey"

Henly Baptist Church

News & Events

When: Sunday, November 3rd from 11:00am to 3:00pm
Where: The Ranch Park Event Center, 1042 Event Center Drive, Dripping Springs
How much: $25.00 which gets you great soups to sample and a handcrafted bowl to take home.
All proceeds support Helping Hands in their mission to assist our neighbors in times of need.

The DS Helping Hands "Empty Bowls Project"

is next Sunday, November 3rd.

Keeping Those We Love In Our Prayers

There are so many people in the world who need prayer support. The list of members of Henly Baptist Church is always long, filled with people who need God's comforting and healing touch in times of need.

Please keep our brothers & sisters that Don may mention in the service on your prayer list and pray fervently that they may receive the help from God that they need, in accordance with his wishes.