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Henly, Texas is a scenic rural community located in the Texas Hill Country, 30 miles west of Austin, Texas on Hwy 290. Exactly 8 miles due west of Highway 12 in the center of Dripping Springs.

If you are a GPS navigator, Google Maps know exactly where we are and will lead you right to our front door.

Church Family: 

One of the characteristics which visitors to Henly Baptist Church often point out is the sense of welcome they experience when they worship with us. The congregation shares a special relationship that is uncharacteristic of many churches.

Henly Baptist Church really does function as a family. We take advantage of cross-generational opportunities.  Our age ranges span the horizon from childhood to late adulthood, but when you function as a family, all are important. We have made the discovery that generational relationships add perspective and a positive balance that supports quality of life issues.

The Church gives generously to the community when needs arise and makes regular donations to many charitable organizations.   

We also host annual Thanksgiving and Easter community dinners, and a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  Examples of other activities held throughout the year include holiday parties, movie nights, baptisms, picnics, special musical guests and guest speakers.


God's Unconditional Love and His Acceptance of us 
just as we are 
as He works out His eternal purposes in our lives.

Responding to His Love through Faith, 
we find His equipping Power to Transform and Refine our lives.

About Us

Henly Baptist Church was organized July 12, 1914, by a group that met at the school house in ‘Old Henly’.  They voted to construct their own church building on September 19, 1937.  The Building Committee, led by Reverend J. N. Marshall, included Tom Joy, Joe Patterson, Joe Rust, L. C. McCarty, A. S. Walker, J. M. Smitherman, W. G. Gravenor, Lewis Jennings, Allen Davis and John Mosely.    Two acres of land were purchased from Tom Beauchamp, Jr., and the building was completed August 18, 1939, through the time, materials, volunteer efforts, and loving service from both church members and non-members.

The Church has a history of remaining debt free, sustained by the generous gifts of its members.  In addition to gifts of time, skills and offerings, many items now enriching the Church have been donated over time.

Henly Baptist Church