The Church will supply the turkeys and we encourage everyone to bring their favorite side dish, salad or dessert. It has always turned out to be a banquet to remember. ​ We find that by sharing this bountiful feast, it helps us remember and be thankful for that which the Lord provides for us.

The blessing will be said and the food served immediately after church on Sunday, November 12th in the Fellowship Hall.
Feel free to bring friends, neighbors, relatives or any other guests. This is a community event of thanksgiving.

Tom & Susan Gripka Request The Pleasure of Your Presence

A Huge Praise
Is In Order!!

It Will Soon Be  Time For Wonderful Food, Terrific Fellowship, and Humble Thankfulness at Henly Baptist Church.

The call went out for volunteers to help fill boxes for the Christmas Child project and Henly Baptist Church members responded as you would expect.

Treva sent me a text today saying that all the boxes were filled today and THE JOB IS DONE !!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Darlene Jones, Bob & Darlene Woods, Tricia Timmins and her brother
Pat, Tricia's sister Chole and her husband Ed and Tricia's brother Ed and his wife Cindy.

Treva says it was a blessed time of sharing for all involved.  The product of their labors, the boxes, will be on display in the sanctuary.

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by Don Forrester:
Carpe Diem

Internet equipment and access for Henly Baptist Church is provided by a generous donation from Mike Montz and his company Superwire.

Tom & Susan moved to Texas two years and have been members of HBC ever since and have taken an active role in the support of our church

You may not know that their son Israel Nash is an internationally known musician and songwriter and he will be performing during the celebration.  Two songs he will be playing will be "Time In A Bottle" which was sung at Tom & Susan's wedding and a new original piece of his called "Rolling On" from his not yet released album "Lifted"

Henly Baptist Church is over 100 years old and has been in the same building for nearly 7 decades.

If you're looking for cross-generational opportunities for worship and fellowship in a friendly and welcoming Texas Hill Country setting, Henly Baptist Church is the place for you!

Our congregation shares a special relationship uncharacteristic of many churches.  We are a 'come as you are' group with diverse backgrounds, personalities and life experiences.  Our age ranges span the horizon from childhood to late adulthood, but we function as a family and all are important. We have made the discovery that generational relationships add perspective and a positive balance that supports quality of life issues. 

We believe that building relationships is a reflection of God's love and as a church our goals are 1) to promote an awareness of man's need for relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, 2) to provide an environment for worship and fellowship designed to promote Christian growth and development, and 3) to be a spiritual lighthouse in the community through the practice of Christ’s teachings, evangelism, outreach and social and benevolent ministries.

The Church Directory Is Complete And Back From The Printer

Our church directory has been out for some time now and probably won't be reprinted for a good while due to the expense BUT, your name can still be entered into the e-directory for distribution (this is a PDF that's distributed by email only to protect your information.).  The directory is a work in progress and is changing all the time.  If you see a mistake or want to have your name added for the next distribution of the e-directory or printing of the hard copy, please use the link below to send your info.

If you want to talk to somebody about this or need a correction made to your current directory entry, please use the contact page on this web site by clicking HERE

200 Henly Loop
                                               Henly, TX 78620

Located 8.0 miles west of Highway 12 at 290 in DrippingSprings,
                                                                                                               Just off Highway 290 West
Turn right on the Henly Loop (Hwy 197)

Tom & Susan will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday, November 11th, 2017.

The party will be hosted by their children and held at the Henly Baptist Church Fellowship Hall starting at 2:00 pm.

Great fellowship, good food, and a time of reminiscing is planned.

Please plan to attend. Call or text their daughter Shelby at

One of our annual traditions at Henly Baptist Church is to hold a celebration luncheon just before thanksgiving. Our congregation, all of their guests and relatives and anyone in the community are welcome to come give thanks with us and enjoy what has become famous as one of the best Thanksgiving dinners anywhere.

Pastor Don Forrester

​​Henly Baptist Church

  9:30 - Fellowship/Coffee
10:00 - Bible Study
Build relationships and enjoy a continental breakfast, then study God's Word - classes for youth, teens, and adults.

11:00 - Worship Service
Share in traditional hymns, prayer, special music,  and an uplifting message from God's Word.