If you're looking for cross-generational opportunities for worship and fellowship in a friendly and welcoming Texas Hill Country setting, Henly Baptist Church is the place for you!

Our congregation shares a special relationship uncharacteristic of many churches.  We are a 'come as you are' group with diverse backgrounds, personalities and life experiences.  Our age ranges span the horizon from childhood to late adulthood, but we function as a family and all are important. We have made the discovery that generational relationships add perspective and a positive balance that supports quality of life issues. 

We believe that building relationships is a reflection of God's love and as a church our goals are 1) to promote an awareness of man's need for relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, 2) to provide an environment for worship and fellowship designed to promote Christian growth and development, and 3) to be a spiritual lighthouse in the community through the practice of Christ’s teachings, evangelism, outreach and social and benevolent ministries.

The classes will fun for 5 weeks and will be held in the Henly Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Classes will start at the normal Bible Studyrtime of 10:00.

Please join us for this exciting class. Your prayer life will never be the same.

  9:30 - Fellowship/Coffee
10:00 - Bible Study
Build relationships and enjoy a continental breakfast, then study God's Word - classes for youth, teens, and adults.

11:00 - Worship Service
Share in traditional hymns, prayer, special music,  and an uplifting message from God's Word.

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People often get a calling from the Lord to help and share with others to His greater glory.
Such is this class on prayer, based on the movie War Room. Susan feels led to share this powerful information with others and so is offering a class.

If you haven't seen the movie War Room, it's a compelling and impactful movie centered around the strength of prayer and the effect it can have in all of our lives.

Henly Baptist Church is over 100 years old and has been in the same building for nearly 7 decades.

Evelyn DeMoss will be leading our musical worship this Sunday.
Evelyn has been part of our musical worship program for quite some time. Raising her voice in praise of the Lord, she always lifts our spirits with selections from her extensive library or religious music.

There is a simple serenity found in the place where we meet for worship.  A beautiful blending of the old and the new radiates the continuity of our purposes.

From the beaded ceiling in the church sanctuary reminiscent of our history, to the comfortable pews, climate controlled environment, and newly renovated, modern classroom spaces, we're reminded not only of our past, but of the opportunities of tomorrow.

We are not an antiquated body, but an alive and active group moving toward the fulfillment of His purpose.

The Church Directory Is Being Edited

Work is underway to revise the church directory. Many of you have been contacted to get correct information so what we put in the directory is as accurate as possible.

This one is going to be a little different. We're working toward a pictorial directory this time so don't be surprised if we ask you to step up and have your picture taken.  If you have a particular picture of yourself and/or your
spouse that you especially like, use the contact form below to let us know and we'll send you an email address where you can send it. If it's a print,let us see it and we'll let you know if it can be scanned and used.

If you want to talk to somebody about this or need a correction made to your current directory entry, please use the contact page on this web site by clicking HERE

200 Henly Loop
                                               Henly, TX 78620

Located 8.0 miles west of Highway 12 at 290 in DrippingSprings,
                                                                                                               Just off Highway 290 West
Turn right on the Henly Loop (Hwy 197)

The 2017 Henly Baptist Church Directories Are Back From The Printer

Be sure to pick up your copy at church.

Pastor Don Forrester

Susan Gripka Is Leading A Study On Effective Prayer