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​​​Henly Baptist Church

If you're looking for cross-generational opportunities for worship and fellowship in a friendly and welcoming Texas Hill Country setting, Henly Baptist Church is the place for you!

Our congregation shares a special relationship uncharacteristic of many churches.  We are a 'come as you are' group with diverse backgrounds, personalities and life experiences.  Our age ranges span the horizon from childhood to late adulthood, but we function as a family and all are important. We have made the discovery that generational relationships add perspective and a positive balance that supports quality of life issues. 

We believe that building relationships is a reflection of God's love and as a church our goals are 1) to promote an awareness of man's need for relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, 2) to provide an environment for worship and fellowship designed to promote Christian growth and development, and 3) to be a spiritual lighthouse in the community through the practice of Christ’s teachings, evangelism, outreach and social and benevolent ministries.

We Love To Sing at Henly Baptist Church

Because lifting our voices in song is such a wonderful and important part of our worship service,
the hymns we will be singing every week will be published here so you'll know what great songs we'll be singing.

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# 220 - Tell Me The Story of Jesus

#339 - Standing on the Promises


Invocation: Col. Robert Garland


#364 - Send The Light

#368 - I'll Tell The World That I'm
​            A Christian

Another of those unusual weeks where 
​we had no birthdays to celebrate.

​​​200 Henly Loop

Henly, TX 78620


Located 8.0 miles west of Highway 12 at 290 in DrippingSprings,
Just off Highway 290 West
Turn right on the Henly Loop (Hwy 197)

05/30 - Julie Duke     Caelie Dunn
05/31 - Kade Curry
06/03 - Gus Gray

​Read a life blog

by Don Forrester:
Carpe Diem

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In Honor of Memorial Day, We Have Some Special Things Planned

After the singing, Bella Dunn will tell about the meaning and significance of Memorial Day.
Following that, Robert Hites and Ken Eastman, two of our veterans, will speak.
Following Robert and Ken, Evelyn DeMoss will honor the day by singing "Blades of Grass"

and "Pure White Stones"
We hope you enjoy the service and keep the real meaning of Memorial Day with you during the coming week.

Henly Baptist Church is over 107 years old and has been in the same building for over 8 decades.

If You Would Like To Revisit Services
Held During The Isolation...

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for virtual worship during these difficult times.

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The Church Directory Is Complete
But Is Continuously Being Updated

Some time ago, HBC published a member directory and made it available to
anyone who is a member or who attends services regularly.

Until the next printing, we are only distributing the directory in

electronic form as a PDF

which can be loaded and viewed on any computer or mobile device.This
Can be emailed to you on request.

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This Week

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Please Welcome Col. Robert Garland As Our Stand-In Pastor

Pastor Poe is tending to family matters this weekend and has asked his friend Robert Garland to
stand in for him and deliver our Memorial Day message.

Robert is a retired USAF Colonel and a deacon at Sunset Canyon Church.
​Please welcome him.

#361 - We Have Heard The Joyful Sound

             Sermon: Col. Robert Garland


  #412 - The Savior Is Waiting

           Benediction & Closing

  #644 - The Star Spangled Banner


If you see or know these people, be sure to
wish them a very happy birthday.

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Interim Pastor Lonny Poe and his wife Deanne