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Every mother deserves recognition. We should honor them daily for all that they do for us. 
Sometimes we forget to thank them and give them the love that they deserve.
Today is a special day, set aside just for mothers. 

Take a moment and reflect on yours and celebrate with her if you're fortunate enough to be with her today.

​​​Henly Baptist Church

The Church Directory Is Complete
But Is Continuously Being Updated

Some time ago, HBC published a member directory and made it available to
anyone who is a member or who attends services regularly.

Until the next printing, we are only distributing the directory in

electronic form as a PDF

which can be loaded and viewed on any computer or mobile device.This
Can be emailed to you on request.

If you want to talk to somebody about receiving an e-directory or need a correction made to your current directory entry, please use the contact page on  web site by clickng HERE

05/10 - Eric Bradford


If you see or know these people, be sure to
wish them a very happy birthday.

05/05 - Krista Kannen

05/06 - George Milner     Kristen Moore

05/08 -  Bill Crisp

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Carpe Diem

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Pastor Don Forrester

We Have A Terrific Church Newsletter, Henly Today.
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Henly Baptist Church is over 107 years old and has been in the same building for over 8 decades.

For Those Who Have Been Worshiping
With Us Remotely...

For over a year we have been pre-recording our services on Saturday to Post on YouTube so you could

"join" our worship on Sunday. This took a lot of time and dedication on the parts of those involved but

they did it gladly to bring our services to you.

As our lives are moving rapidly toward the "old normal" and folks are joining us
again in the sanctuary for worship, it is with truly mixed emotions that
we tell you that this Sunday, April 25th, was our last pre-recorded service.

We hope you will join us in person at Henly Baptist but if you are unable 
to do so, we urge you to find another virtual church which will meet your needs.

Our previous recordings will remain archived on YouTube where you can revisit them
at any time or you can find links to them through the button below or the
menu item at the top of the page. Thank you for taking the time to join us
for virtual worship during these difficult times.

​​​Previous Sunday Services

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If you're looking for cross-generational opportunities for worship and fellowship in a friendly and welcoming Texas Hill Country setting, Henly Baptist Church is the place for you!

Our congregation shares a special relationship uncharacteristic of many churches.  We are a 'come as you are' group with diverse backgrounds, personalities and life experiences.  Our age ranges span the horizon from childhood to late adulthood, but we function as a family and all are important. We have made the discovery that generational relationships add perspective and a positive balance that supports quality of life issues. 

We believe that building relationships is a reflection of God's love and as a church our goals are 1) to promote an awareness of man's need for relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, 2) to provide an environment for worship and fellowship designed to promote Christian growth and development, and 3) to be a spiritual lighthouse in the community through the practice of Christ’s teachings, evangelism, outreach and social and benevolent ministries.

If you aren't getting this great newsletter either in your email inbox or your USPS mailbox or both, let us know and we'll make sure you get on the list.

You can fill out an information card located in the backs of all the pews or just tell any of the deacons or the pastor or just about anybody and we'll get with you and get your contact info.

The Latest Edition of Henly Today
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I've worked in the printing industry for almost 50 years and, as the insurance ad goes, I know some things because I've seen some things.

The Henly Today newsletter is small but a very professional publication. Great messages from the pastor in every issue plus articles about fellow church members and always a history tidbit or two.

​​​200 Henly Loop

Henly, TX 78620


Located 8.0 miles west of Highway 12 at 290 in DrippingSprings,
Just off Highway 290 West
Turn right on the Henly Loop (Hwy 197)

We're So Happy!!
Henly Baptist Church Is Considering The Way Forward

It's been a long haul, over a year. With more and more people getting vaccinated and the Governor 
lifting restrictions, Henly Baptist is giving careful consideration on how we will handle our worship
services from here on.

So far we've had a small but faithful group of people attending in person and we feel that everyone feels safe
and comfortable as no one has raised any concerns.
We urge you, as your lives return to normal and you begin expanding your activities, please put returning to
worship at Henly Baptist at the top of your list of things to do, not at the bottom.

Today Is A Special Day to Honor Your Mother